Sriracha—a documentary by Griffin Hammond

The origin story of an iconic hot sauce, finally revealed. Watch the trailer:

“Gorgeously shot—profile of the entire Sriracha sensation” (SF Chronicle)
“Sriracha gets the cult it deserves” (Quartz)
“People will never tire of the epic story of Sriracha” (New York Magazine)

Sriracha has earned a cult following, but the story of this spicy sauce is a mystery to most fans. Dedicated to Sriracha lovers, this fast-paced documentary travels around the globe to reveal its origin and the man behind the iconic “rooster sauce.”

Winner: “Best Short Film” (NYC Food Film Festival)
Winner: “Best Short Documentary” (DisOrient Asian American Film Festival)

And watch the free director’s commentary:

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Tiêu đề video: Sriracha—a documentary by

Độ dài: 00:33:04, Ngày đăng: 2016-04-19 09:20:37

Tác giả: Griffin Hammond

Link gốc:

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  1. Romaine Athey

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  2. Jajaj si como no…

  3. digitaldirt777

    Really Griffin, you made a movie about an amazing immigrant that came to the US that made one of the most iconic sauces ever, and you are trying to charge me to see it, you so sold out.

  4. Motivation Theory Running

    Didn't I see this on Amazon Prime or something..I remember liking it.

  5. I would like to watch this but can not purchase it…

  6. I'd love to watch it, but YouTube does nothing when I click the "From $0.99" link.

  7. Shavon Kuylen

    Love this I almost cried such a humble man and his product is out of this world!

  8. Elliot Harrington

    Every One luv my product

  9. I want my money back

  10. Billion Bites

    Fantastic work, really interesting and to the point documentary.
    I also like your Gh5 documentary 'Hand Cut'. Look forward to your next documentary!

  11. Frank The Film Guy Lopez

    Great documentary!! Do you have any recommendations on where to start when making a documentary? I have story to tell and it has to be done well. And you have a great talent at doing Doc's well!

  12. Wayne Storton

    Well worth my £2.  One complaint.  When I pay for content, as an adult, I DO NOT expect censorship!  For fucks sake, I want to hear the people express their opinions in the way in which they were expressed!  I do not want 'bleeps'!

  13. Hi Griffin, I'm still shooting GH3 and am glad for your example! I'm curious what had you choose 1.85:1 rather than 1.77:1 (native aspect ratio)?

  14. Was there any color grading or correction done to the film?

    love the work Griffin i'm looking forward to seeing more

  15. screencast magazine

    Great Doc Griffin, I would love to get into doc film making, any advice? Would love to see how you put the doc together, equipment, planning, camera etc

  16. That was so cool! Great film

  17. this was shot, produced and told so well. a true inspiration.

  18. I loved it. This story feels like it goes beyond the sauce, it feels like it is about the American dream through David Tran. Glad I rented it.

  19. Hey Griffin! Can you explain how to get a video on YouTube that viewers pay for such as this one? Thanks!

  20. I bought it on vimeo. I can say it's worth the money. buy it! great documentary and film maker.

  21. Luke Westwood

    Can't believe this was released 3 years ago :O

  22. Not available in Czech Republic? Thanks Griffin 🙂

  23. I remember when I saw this in the Hollywood Premiere, that was a fun premiere.

  24. How do I watch this?

  25. Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

    Holy crap. I have waited so long for this!

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