How to Enable / Fix Microphone Not Working in Google Chrome – 2021

How to enable or fix mic not working in ? In this video, I show you how to fix any issues with the Microphone not working in the Google Chrome browser. This can be caused by the microphone being disabled or not properly selected in Google Chrome. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions while you enable or turn on the microphone in Google Chrome.

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Follow the steps below to allow your camera and microphone on Google Chrome:
1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
2. Open the Chrome settings by first selecting the 3 dots icon in the top right of Chrome and then selecting Settings in the menu.
3. In the settings search bar, search Site Settings.
4. In the results select Site Settings.
5. Under the permission section find and select Microphone.
6. In Microphone, ensure you have the correct mic selected including any external microphones you are be using.
7. In Microphone you will see all the sites where you have either blocked access to your camera in Chrome or allowed it. If there is a blocked site you would like to allow, find the site and select the arrow to the right of the site.
8. This will bring you to the settings for the site. Find Microphone and select Allow in the drop down.

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  1. jasmin martinez

    Omg, finally I found it thank you! 👍😄



  3. Do you know how to turn off google voice, I use google a lot for writing, my hands are kind of messed up & unable to type out long sentences, so I would click the microphone and say what I want to say and it writes it out for me. But if it's short google repeated to me & I hate that. I disabled it on my desktop but I remember how to d it.

  4. It was my microphone the whole time OMG I was freaking out in how did the settings get changed

  5. thanks man you made my day

  6. Love from india

  7. 𝕽𝖆𝖇 𝕿𝖊𝖈𝖍

    I love how do present it keep up!

  8. David R. LeRoy

    When performing a Google search the microphone still does not work.

  9. Uchiha warrior

    I can not get it to work on tableta a😕 I use to have one keyboard and Web page but it's gone

  10. floooooooooooooooood

    Doesn't work. Chrome can detect my mic, and I can even use it on other stuff like zoom, but trying to use it from any of my browsers results in no audio being captured.

  11. Sirve para un carajo

  12. Resident NotEvil

    this doesnt help me i have it allowed and it turns on for a split second then turns off i need to troubleshoot it but dont know how i cant find a video on it

  13. Agastya Shandilya

    I officialy give up now… thenks for all ur efforts good bye forever youtube..

  14. its still not working can u please help me

  15. Xavier Cisneros

    Thank you

  16. BD Tech World

    Thank you soo much. I wonder how simply you explain everything!

  17. There doesn't seem to be any way to add sites and none are listed

  18. Still not working!

  19. how do you add web site

  20. • ᒪ ᗝ ᗝ ᗰ ᒪ ᗴ ᔕ ᔕ シ •

    ty so much i know now but when i play fortnite when i first went on the app for play fortnite it asked me and i clicked no bc i didnt know, can u tell me how to allow the app to ask me agian so i can allow it?

  21. Johannes Nilsen

    My issue is distortion, crackling, popping, hissing, looping, varied sensitivity. And it's not only in chrome but in several chromium browsers, not tested Opera with this, but did Chrome and Edge. Both have same issue, so basically I can't record audio cus it's a Russia roulette played with a mic and browser. But Firefox works. These issues are on the lastest version. Whst ever that i's now. I have that saved somewhere. And yes those settings are like in this vid. I have recordeded several examples, but not edited it I to a video yet.

  22. Rafael Naeyaert

    Still gives me my shitty mic

  23. Shivapradeesh Pradeep

    thanks a lot .it worked

  24. All my Microphone settings are correct but when it comes to Chrome, Google meet it doesn't pick up my voice just complete silence, How? Help please

  25. Rajesh Harrykissoon

    My internal microphone was not capturing at all (but a Bluetooth microphone worked just fine). So I took the screen bezel off and discovered the internal microphone was disconnected!! I plugged the wire back into it and, viola! The internal microphone works!

  26. Doreen Brittingham

    My mic works. However, my problem is that I have to keep restarting my mic after ever pause that I take. How do I set my mic to staying open for the entire time that I am dictating my documents?

  27. Himanjay Singh Rathore

    I am not able to see toggle switch

  28. the mic was very slow but on another app it's working properly

  29. milankoutstaal

    Still doesn’t work for me

  30. This is why I use firefox. I NEVER have issues with any app on it, but my bloody stupid physician insists I use a Chrome-supported (only Chrome-supported) conference app, and nothing helps. Fan-f*-tastic. I've rebooted, reinstalled, you name it. I give up.

  31. Studio Artist

    My mic works on my computer, but in chrome the external mic stopped working. I can only record using a plugged in mic. What do I do?

  32. my mic isn't showing up on the drop down tab, but it is on as it's lit up

  33. siddhartha awasthi

    Thank You It worked 🙂

  34. Thank you X10000000000

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