How to install any app on your Microsoft Surface Go tablet with out hacking

How to install any app and remove the Microsoft Windows 10 S block. I installed Chrome and VlC without issues

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Tiêu đề video: How to install any app on your Microsoft Surface Go tablet with out hacking

Độ dài: 00:04:05, Ngày đăng: 2018-08-03 08:37:45

Tác giả: EBPMAN Tech Reviews

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  1. incomplete

  2. Is go a tablet computer or a mobile device? In other words can I use mobile apps and mobile website versions?

  3. But you can't go back to S mode. It's forever disabled.

  4. Dies this work on the RT version of the surface tablet???

  5. Hb Integration LLC

    does this work on windows 11 s?

  6. Anyone, please help me. I am failing to install any app on my surface RT 8.1……😭😭

    Please, please help 🙏

  7. Omg thank you so much, I was about to break it

  8. Thank you, this is very helpful.

  9. I could not find the app….plz help

  10. Mary’s Kitchen

    How to go to switch out a mode

  11. Hey I was just watching your video but you don't say where to find the s2 can you explain more on where to find it

  12. You didn't even show how to get to that page, this sucks

  13. Yumeprince angels Vlog

    thank you for sharing guys nice idea

  14. So, can I install cracked version of ms office in the device after installing this application

  15. Thank it was really helpful

  16. Where da fk is S mode? You say S mode app but there's nothing there 🤯

  17. I was so confused that i was about to sell it

  18. Ok I updated to windows 10 and it still does not let me switch out. What am I doing wrong.

  19. What app?? You're talking about installing an app of the Microsoft Store in order to get any app…. But what app is it?? You don't mention that!

  20. Im on window rt 🙁

  21. Video starts at 1:10 your welcome

  22. You should explain or put in description that you will have to pay to upgrade to windows 10 pro if you don’t have it. $99 is way to much for what I’m trying to do. Is there anyone who knows the free way to do this? . Also not sure if he even really explained it right.

  23. Dr Ganesh Shelke

    Can install Facebook app ?

  24. Hey dumbass u didn’t go through the process of switching to s or out of it?

  25. Justin Gonzales

    I cant find it in the store. Cant locate it anywhere.

  26. But where we can find this a mode

  27. Thank you! It was driving me crazy trying to figure out how to do this. Worked like a charm 🙂


    i want to know how to activate office 365 on micsoft surface go without activation key

  29. Will this work for Microsoft surface rt

  30. after I installed chrome it still didn't show up in my list of apps. I had to go into c drive, programs, and find it and launch it from there. Hopefully I won't have to do that every time!

  31. So how do I find and enable s mode after downloading the app? I can't find it?

  32. THANK YOU!

  33. what's vlc for?
    and can we download youtube and photoshop onthe surface go without disabling s mode?

  34. Steph Aikenhead

    Trying to install Air Canada app on new Surface Go. Having No luck!! Ideas?

  35. What is the function of “S mode”? And does it hurt anything to get rid of if?

  36. Sebastian Salinas

    I have surface RT windows 8.1 and I cant see that app on the market place

  37. Not at all did you tell me how to turn off S mode.

  38. Can you download google play games APK

  39. Akhigbe Charles

    How can I install crome on my surface RT?

  40. Alexandre Gentil

    Is it possible to install python? Or Anaconda? Or more generally, can I use it to programming?

  41. Do I have to pay for this? I searched it up on the store and it said “upgrade to pro” for 199

  42. Can't wait to install Steam and check out wich games are running well..

  43. Did you try Firefox to see if it ran better than Chrome?

  44. Chrome stutter is noticeable on must devices using the touch. When I use the mouse and the scroll wheel on the GO there is no stutter.

  45. Is installing Chrome with “Switch out of S mode” & using it while the device is still on Windows S Mode causing Chrome to stutter?
    .. Or is Chrome always like that on this device, Even if you upgrade to the full Windows 10?
    .. & what RAM is this? 4 or 8?

  46. Earl Kovacs II

    so your disabling s mode right??

  47. +EBPMAN Tech Reviews Awesome product, great video👍

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