How to Use Live Control Room for Live Streaming on YouTube

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to use YouTube’s Live Control room. Live Control Room lets you set up and manage live streams from your desktop, and centralizes all of YouTube’s tools into one destination. We’ll specifically walk you through what you need to know if you choose to stream using streaming software (also known as an encoder).

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0:00 Intro to Live Control Room
0:28 Ways to Stream
0:54 Stream Right Now (First Time Streamers)
2:00 Stream Right Now (Return Streamers)
2:37 Schedule a Stream (First Time Streamers)
3:16 Schedule a Stream (Return Streamers)
3:45 Manage Tab in Live Control Room
4:06 How to Go Live with a Scheduled Stream
4:18 Chat, Analytics, Stream Health, and Viewer Activity
5:15 Stream Highlights

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Tiêu đề video: How to Use Live Control Room for Live Streaming on YouTube

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  1. YouTube Creators

    Here we'll walk you through how to use Live Control Room while streaming with streaming software (or an encoder). The new and improved Live Control Room: 1) automatically copies over stream settings from previous streams if you want to stream now and lets you reuse stream settings from previously scheduled streams, 2) lets you create stream highlights or add highlight markers (5:19), 3) won't create a watch page or send out notifications until you go live from your encoder (2:21), and more! Check out the timestamps in the description for more info on what you'll learn, and visit this Help Center article for more info:

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