How to remove chrome extensions? | Disable Chrome extensions with ManageEngine Browser Security Plus

ManageEngine ’ add-on management feature can be used by IT admins to remove Chrome extensions from users’ browsers from a central console. With Browser Security Plus, IT admins can take inventory of Chrome extensions present on users’ browsers, detect the ones that are potentially harmful and subsequently disable chrome extensions that aren’t necessary for day-to-day business.

How to remove Chrome extensions with Browser Security Plus:

1 Navigate to policies and click on Add-on Management in Browser Security Plus console.
2 Check Yes corresponding to Allow users to install extensions checkbox.
3 Select the extensions that you want to block from the Blacklist extensions drop down list.
4 Save and publish the policy.
5 Deploy the policy to computers on which you want to remove Chrome extensions.

Lately, organizations have seen a steady rise in browser-based threats. Browser Security Plus is an enterprise software that can help IT admins combat these attacks before they can reach their network. Its features are designed to help detect any vulnerability or harmful components in users’ browsers, enforce security configurations, control users’ access to web traffic and add-ons on the browsers and finally audit to check for any deviations from stipulated standards. With Browser Security plus, IT admins can detect and remove harmful browser add-ons, enforce browser configurations centrally, block or allow access to specific websites, restrict downloads that exceed the stipulated limit, restrict downloads to trusted websites, and more. Check out the other features that Browser Security Plus has to offer at


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